This form is NOT to be used for show protests that involve

1. Judge issues which are handled through the Judge’s Committee

2. Show ring lay out

3. Timer problems

4. Disagreements about disqualifications.

This NASMA Grievance Form is to be submitted by a NASMA member in good standing only to the Chairman of the NASMA Grievance Committee. His/her address can be obtained from the NASMA Executive Secretary or found at the website. A grievance is filed against a fellow NASMA member when it is believed that he/she has violated the NASMA, By-Laws, or General Rules.

The Standard Operating Procedure for member grievances can be accessed on the next page and at In summary, a fellow member in good standing must fill out this form, submit it to the grievance committee chairman along with fees and documented evidence, who will meet with The Grievance Committee to determine if the grievance evidence is substantial enough to continue the grievance process, and will be forwarded to the NASMA Board of Directors for a disciplinary hearing. A guilty verdict at the hearing could result in permanent suspension of the accused member. The submitting party is reminded to restrict his/her statements to substantiated truths, and must be prepared to follow the process to completion, including attending and giving testimony at a hearing.

A fee of $100 must accompany this Grievance Report Form.