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DATE     PRINT or type your information PRINT out this form and Mail with appropriate documentation  to:

Make checks payable to:  North American Saddle Mule Association

                                                      NASMA Grievance Committee   

                                                      389 W Hwy 8  

                                                      Steeleville,  MO 65565

A. Name and address of NASMA member submitting grievance report form
   Member A.  Membership #
  If above is a youth member, give name of parent of youth. Parent Signature _____________________________________
  Name of Parent Membership #

Fee $100.00 Check #

Chairman Signature     _________________________________
B. NASMA member by violating NASMA By-Law or Rule.
  Member B.  

1. Date or time line the violation occurred


2. Place the violation occurred (if applicable)


3. State the By-Law or Rule that was violated by person B.


4. State how the By-Law or Rule was violated


5. State how you (person A) came to the knowledge of the violation by person B.

  6. State proof you have to substantiate the claim against person B. Include brief description of your documentation.


7. State names and addresses of witnesses of the violation.



Documentation provided by person A.

(Check those that you provided to the Chairman of the Grievance Committee, along with a brief description of each item provided.)

  1. Audio recording   Provide copy.
  2. Video recording    Provide copy.
  3. Photos #    Provide copy

4. Other physical evidence      (checks, money order copies, entry forms, etc.)


5. Copies of animal registration


6. Member B. Membership or officer status


7. Names those providing written testimoniessupporting accusation  


8. Other documents supporting evidence of NASMA By-Law or rule violation.  Please list.


9. Any documentation supported by measurable testing results.

  Signature of member filing the Grievance _________________________________