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Becoming an Approved NASMDA Judge

  • Submit a completed application with appropriate references as indicated on the application. A reference may be used only once on an application (i.e. husband and wife as one reference only). Relatives, NASMDA staff, NASMDA Judges Committee members and NASMDA Executive Committee members are not eligible for use as references. Reference letter included in application form -- it is suggested that you make copies of this letter and send to those whom you are using as references.

  • A recent full length picture of yourself (property of NASMDA) in attire you would wear to judge a show.
  • $50.00 filing fee (non-refundable) PLUS $30 for one-year membership in NASMDA (or $180 for 10yrs, or $300 for lifetime).

  • When you apply for a judges status, we suggest that you telephone your references and urge them to return their evaluations as soon as possible. Make copies of both pages of the enclosed Judges Application Reference Letter and send to your references to fill out and return to NASMDA. All evaluations must be returned before your application can be submitted to the Judges Committee.

  • It will be up to the applicant to check on the status of the contents of his or her reference file. If it is not complete, the applicant can either send in new references or ask for the reference letters to be sent.

  • NASMDA requires their Judges to hold a valid judging card in one or more of the following organizations:
  • PtHA (Pinto Horse Association)
  • AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)
  • IBHA (International Buckskin Horse Association)
  • ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club)
  • PHBA (Palomino Horse Breeders Association)
  • APHA (American Paint Horse Association)
  • NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association)
  • ABRA (American Buckskin Registry Association)
  • POAC (Pony of the Americas Club)
  • USEF (United States Equestrian Federation)

  • If you are approved for judging status, your name will appear in the mule publications, will be sent to show committees planning sanctioned NASMDA shows.

  • After receiving judge status in NASMDA, you must maintain your annual NASMDA dues in order to remain a member in good standing and maintain your judge status in NASMDA.

  • Make copies of the Judges Application Reference Letter and send to your references for them to fill out and send back to NASMDA.

Send your application with photo and references to the NASMDA Judges Committee Chair.