Versatility Trail Program


1. When you enroll in VTP, you must be a Member of NASMA. You must remain an active member for the duration of time in which you are recording hours toward a VTP recognized level.

2. You must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $30 per rider.

3. You must keep an accurate record of the time (one hour for each hour actually spent riding or driving) in your official log. There is no time limit to attain a level.

4. NASMA offers bonus hours to members who log time on a national trail (National Park Service). For every hour spent on a trail in a national park, you should record two hours.

5. You may not record hours involved in showing your animal.

Please PRINT out this form, PRINT or type your information, and  mail the following form to:

NASMA VTP, Brandy Von Holten, 30455 Pacific School Rd, Mora, MO 65345

Make checks payable to:  North American Saddle Mule Association

Please enroll me in the NASMA Versatility Trail Program.  My check or money order for $30 is enclosed.

I am currently a member of NASMA and my Membership # is 

My NASMA membership application and additional fee are enclosed.

City, State Zip: