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NASMDA Charter and Lifetime Members


Charter Members

Charter Membership must be applied for prior to January 1, 1995.  The following families have made a substantial financial commitment to the development of this association. Their charter memberships provided the initial funds with which to underwrite the formation of NASMDA. Without their commitment to saddle mules and the saddle mule industry, NASMDA would not be a reality. Their foresight and pledge of confidence is greatly appreciated by the association.

1. Allen Case, OR
2. Beverly Heroy, VA
3. Bill Moore (Deceased), TN
4. Bob Mischka, WI
5. Bob Walker, TX
6. Diann Walker, TX
7. Dixie Musick, NM
8. Elaine Case, OR
9. Greg Sefton, FL
10. Herb Heroy, VA
11. Jim Adkins, CO
12. Jim Joling, TX
13. John Stratton, OR
14. Joyce Stratton, OR
15. Judy Rose, CA
16. Liz Sefton, FL
17. Loyd & Sarah Hawley, AR
18. Lynn Eustance, CO
19. Lynn York, TN
20. Nick York, TN
21. Tex Low, TX
22. Thom & Glenda Fagg, TX
23. Warren Bagley, TN

The President and Past Presidents shall receive a Charter Membership
and shall receive all benefits of such membership.

1. Bill Duncan, KS
2. Cheryl Metheny, OK
3. Peggy Hamilton, IL
4. Terri Wagner, CO
5. Tim Doud, WY
6. Tom Cochran, NC

Lifetime Members

A fee is required for a Lifetime Membership, but no annual fees are required thereafter.

1. Ann Jones, GA
2. Belinda Merkley, NY
3. Bernie Elliott, CO
4. Bill Shauger, OH
5. Brian Bossier, LA
6. Candace Shauger, OH
7. Christina Truesdale, NC
8. Courtney Killeen, MI
9. Darrell L. Bilke, OK
10. Darryl R. (D.R.) Carrender, IN
11. Deb Kidwell, TN
12. Debbie Brewer, MO
13. Dennis Evans, IL
14. Dennis Weaver, DVM, MO
15. Dora Psiakis, OH
16. Doris Roesch, WY
17. Dr. Robert Miller, CA
18. Dwain Francis, MO
19. Elisha Iager, MD
20. Jackie Elliott, CO
21. Jana Weaver, MO
22. Jason Crist, OH
23. Jennie Barker Arnold, KY
24. Jerry Rush, OK
25. Jim Isley, NC
26. Joanne Bethune, TX
27. John Abrams (Deceased), OK
28. Karl Schneider, TN
29. Kathryn Herrin, CO
30. Kathy Bromeling, IL
31. Ken Colbert, MO
32. Kerri Myer, FL
33. Larry Cox, LA
34. LeeAnn McCuiston, KY
35. Lloyd Bromeling, IL
36. Lori Montgomery, KY
37. Marti Grimes, TX
38. Martin Myer, FL
39. Meredith Hodges, CO
40. Michelle and Eric McCoy, OK
41. Nancy Schneider, TN
42. Nell Tekampe, WI
43. Patrick McCuiston, KY
44. Paul Hutchins, TX
45. Richard Price, MT
46. Roberto Guillen, CA
47. Samantha Francis, MO
48. Sandy Faykus, NM
49. Sarah Wingo, TN
50. Schmeltzer Wild Ass Ranch, OR
51. Steve Faykus, NM
52. Sue Cole, MO
53. Sue King, TX
54. Tex Taylor-deceased, TX
55. Tom Hicks, VA
56. Toni Duncan, KS
57. UC Davis UC Davis, CA
58. Vernee Barnett, NV

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