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August 2013


NASMA Presidentís Pen

It is my privilege to introduce myself as your new NASMA president. I would like to thank the membership, the Executive Board and Board of Directors for giving your trust and support with my appointment as president. I want to thank past president Terri Wagner for her dedication and service to NASMA, her terms of office has added growth and much improvement to the organization. She will be a hard act to follow.

My husband Rick and I live in south central Illinois. I have a lifelong background with horses and mules, my parents being avid trail riders started me on a journey from a pony- crazy girl to a mule-crazy gramma. I have been a physical therapist for 33 years now and I know of no better way to relax than on the back of my mule riding thru the trees and grass of a nice trail. I have had the privilege of attending the some fantastic organized rides like the Cross Country Trail Ride in Emminence MO and the Sangre de Cristo Trail Ride in Salida CO. I have rode the trails in several states with my own state of southern Illinois Shawnee Forest as my favorite, and will never grow tired of riding a good trail.

I have shown our NASMA shows for many years and the friendships formed thru this organization are priceless. I can truly say I have made best, lifelong friends thru this organization. I attended my first Shelbyville Great Celebration Show as a spectator in 1996 and then as a competitor in 1997. I was taken by the family atmosphere, as well as the warmth and camaraderie between competitors. I was used to the cutthroat world of AQHA shows where newcomers are welcomed with pleasant skectism but I was not with acceptance and helping hands of this association. I well remember in one of my first years of NASMA shows my show halter breaking under the strain of a yearling throwing a baby fit waiting to go in for the Champion model mule class and the trainer of the top mule in the nation whipping a show halter off of her young mule to come to my aide. This has been one of the traits the organization continues to exude and probably one of its strongest attributes. This is one of the main reasons I am so proud to be a member of this organization.

I go into this appointment with a great deal of enthusiasm and some ambitious plans for NASMA's future. Some of the intentions are to activate some past committees to better serve the NASMA membership. The NASMA VTP has been restructured and with the indispensable help of Cindi Slemp, the committee is putting a new focus on the trail riding membership. At the annual meeting the board discussed the need for added emphasis on creating new interest and new membership to NASMA. This area will be targeted for added focus, growth and development within the Membership Committee. I am reintroducing the NASMA newsletter on a monthly basis and the VTP spotlight has once again been added to acknowledge our members for their accomplishments. I also will be introducing a spotlight for our general membership. This will be for any member of NASMA and will be placed in the mule magazines and on the website. I hope to add additional interest and diversity for the NASMA membership. We have several divisions within NASMA and all deserve our time and recognition. The newest addition to NASMA, the Draft Mule division is still in its infancy. I have expectations for the addition of classes for our draft mules in some of the larger shows starting in 2014.

We all have "other lives". I would like to challenge the membership to put your skills to use within our wonderful association. Your skills may be in any area....each one could be of a great help to NASMA. Be it in creative writing, photography, art, business, computer, advertising, etc....any number of God given talents that you have interest. I would love to have your input, your criticism, and your assistance in building NASMA to bigger and better things. NASMA's Committees are the backbone of the organization. Each one is indispensable and equally importance to the operation of the organization. When the organization was founded the committees were put in place to conduct their own sector within NASMA with the Executive Board and Officers overseeing their workings thru the Board of Directors by enforcing the Association's By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. I would like to have more emphasis on those Committees. These committees give ANY member, and ALL members a working area in the responsibility of the association. At the present time we have committees in need of new members,.... members to add new ideas and vitality to our committees. To quote one of our past president's, "the door is wide open for members to become more involved with the association."

Please take advantage of this opportunity to join a committee...any member, ...with any interest...trail, draft, show, breed improvement, youth, amateur. You can make a difference in the future of NASMA. You can help build and improve this organization that is all about those longear animals we love.

Peggy Hamilton
NASMA President


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