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2020 NASMA Leading Breeder Award

This award will be presented annually to the individual who is listed in NASMA records as the breeder of the most mules and donkeys earning NASMA points from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year. The individual must be a NASMA member in good standing at the time the points were earned.

Number of
Breeder NASMA
Mule Registration
Tabitha Holland  4025  Foxy Since Day One  ND-1916 
      Pistols And Posies  NM-1404 
      Im Foxy And I Know It  NM-1405 
      Fifty Shades of Foxy  NM-1483 
      Oh So Foxy  NM-1511 
      Foxy Duns And Roses  NM-1581 
      I Only Date Foxes  NM-1600 
Terri Hurley  2018  MV Benís American Girl  ND-1749 
      MV Limited Edition  NM-1445 
      MV Benís Platinum Scotch  NM-1890 
Drew Brandt  10831  Mets Muddy Water  NM-1664 
      Big Casino  NM-1913 
Debbie Brewer  3048  Banjoís BootScootnBoogie  NM-0366 
      Scootn To Impress  NM-1248 
Candace Shauger  1737  Genesis 1.0  ND-1839 
      Genesis High Country Gal  ND-1911 
Ronald Hines  10279  Drifterís Israel   ND-1519 
      Drifterís Joaquin  ND-1624 
Mary Hanson  10616  MV Benís Dixie Dell  NM-1414 
      MV Benís Golden Girl  NM-1415 
Lena Beth Reynolds  10191  Fizz Foxworthy  NM-1854 
Patrck McCuiston  10274  Texas Two Steppiní  NM-1344 
Shannon Dale Davis  10906  Sheza Outta My League  NM-1809 
Ken Colbert  1243  DHDís The Last Banjo  NM-1617 
Jayne Zajicek  2042  Circle Z Riata  ND-1475 
Stephen Jardot  3008  Jardots Jewels Carboncopy  ND-1867 
Debbie Simmons  10756  Greystone Silhouette  NM-1573 



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