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NASMA Versatility Trail Program
 Note:  Your animal does NOT have to be registered to participate in the VTP Program.

VTP Members Awards

NASMA's Versatility Trail Program (VTP) is designed to reward the hours you spend in the saddle or driving your mule. This program is devised for those individuals who promote the mule to the public as the best and most reliable of trail animals.

NASMA believes the recreational ability of riding or driving the Saddle Mule on the trail is just as important as competitions, when educating the public about the benefits of Saddle Mule ownership. Whether you are involved in recreational, endurance, or competitive trail activities, NASMA would like to recognize your pastime with an awards program to acknowledge your contribution in bringing the Saddle Mule to the forefront as the Equine of Choice in the 21st Century.

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NASMA Hosted Trail Rides

The first annual NASMA National Rides were held in the spring of 1996. Nine rides were hosted in every zone across the country. By 1997 over 450 participants enjoyed eleven rides from April to August. If you would be interested in hosting a trail ride, contact the VTP ChairmanWhy not Host a Ride!

The Program is Simple

When you enroll in the Versatility Trail Program you will receive the official NASMA VTP log sheet on which you keep track of the hours you spend riding or driving a Saddle Mule. Log Sheets are available and should be filled out and mailed or scanned and emailed to the VTP Chairman.. The VTP is being re-vitalized!  Your comments and recommendations are always welcome.  You set your own pace and there is no time limit for completion of any level of participation.

Trail RidingNASMA would challenge you to do your personal best not compete with other riders. Participants must, however, submit log sheets at least once a year for NASMA to be able to update and keep accurate records.

Once an award level is reached, members send in their log sheets to have them verified. A period of one month will be required for verification of accrued hours and presentation of awards. Members will be on the honor system.

To help members set their goals and reach them, NASMA will recognize member's achievements with a plaque and a gold "50 Hours Achieved" medal that can be attached. As you progress, you will receive a gold medal to place in each empty place holder on the plaque. When you reach 2,000 hours your name will be on the final achievement medal.

At each level, members’ achievements will be published on this official NASMA website.

The VTP is designed not to be a competitive event. Rather it is established to promote social and family recreation centered around the Saddle Mule and its role as a family animal.

VTP Achievement Levels

Bob Davis & Brayer Hill Othello

Bob Davis & Brayer Hill Othello

The participant may achieve the following levels of Hours of Participation.
50 hours  
100 hours    
250 hours    
500 hours    
750 hours    
1000 hours    
2,000 hours    
 All hour levels will receive a Certificate of Achievement

Official Rules

  1. To enroll in the VTP, you must be a member of NASMA. You must remain an active member for the duration of time in which you are trying to record hours toward a recognition level.
  2. You must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $30 per rider.
  3. You must ride or drive a mule/hinny/donkey. You do not have to own the mule/hinny/donkey.
  4. You must keep an accurate record of the time (one hour for each hour actually spent riding or driving) in your official NASMA VTP log.
  5. Endurance riders may compute their miles at 4 miles per hour (4:1 ratio).
  6. NASMA VTP offers bonus hours to members who log time on a national trail, as recognized by the Canadian or U.S. National Parks Service (state or provincial parks are not included.) For every hour you spending riding or driving on a trail in a U.S. or Canadian National Park, you may earn double hours. In other words, if you spend one hour riding or driving in a national park, you may log two hours for your time.
  7. You may record time for any activity other than showing in which you participate in leisure riding or driving on the trail or participation in endurance and/or competitive trials.
  8. NASMA VTP will recognize your riding or driving participation. Achievements will then be recognized with awards at specified hours and Certificates.  There is no time limit during which you must achieve these hours, however, you must maintain your membership in NASMA.

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