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Qualifications: Designation as an approved NASMDA judges is a privilege only, not a right. Subject to Executive Committee review, this privilege may be bestowed by the Judges Committee of the NASMDA. Subject only to Executive Committee review the Committee may give the designation or revoke the same in accordance with the procedures set up by this committee.

The qualifications sought among others are:
1. Equine Expertise
2. Personal Character
3. Interest in the Saddle Mule and Donkey
4. Interest in the Exhibitors
5. Hold a valid judging card in one or more of the following organizations:

a. PtHA (Pinto Association)
b. AQHA (American Quarter Association)
c. IBHA (International Buckskin Association)
d. ApHC (Appaloosa Club)
e. PHBA (Palomino Breeders Association)
f. APHA (American Paint Association)
g. NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association)
h. ABRA (American Buckskin Registry Association)
i. POAC (Pony of the Americas Club)
J. USEF (United States Equestrian Federation)

1) Judge's Application
2) Judge's Reference Letter

** Judge's Evaluation Form **

NASMDA Approved Score Sheets

Ladder Sheet
Pattern Class

Hunter Hack
Obstacle Driving
Ranch Riding
Ranch Riding - Training Level Donkey
Reined Working Donkey - Pattern 1
Reined Working Donkey - Pattern 2
Reined Working Donkey - Pattern 3
Reined Working Donkey - Pattern 4
Reining - Pattern 1
Reining - Pattern 2
Reining - Pattern 3
Reining - Pattern 4
Steer Stopping
Tie Down Roping
Western Riding - Pattern 1
Western Riding - Pattern 2
Western Riding - Pattern 3
Working Cow - Cow Work
Working Cow - Pattern 1
Working Cow - Pattern 2
Working Cow - Pattern 3
Working Hunter


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